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Chihuahua Weight Chart

Chihuahua puppy sitting on a weighing scale (1269-2608A / fpd-0110 © Yoshio Tomii)

The left-hand column of the table gives the age of the puppy in weeks. To determine the puppy's expected weight when fully grown, weigh the puppy in ounces, compare the line of figures  against the number of weeks of age, and take the figure nearest to the present weight of the puppy. The expected adult weight of the puppy will be given at the foot of the column in which the figure nearest to its weight occurs.


Birth2.5 oz2.75 oz3 oz3.5 oz4 oz4.25 oz4.5 oz5 oz5.5 oz
1 wk3.75455.56.57899.5
2 wks55.56.579101112.513.5
3 wks67891113141617.5
4 wks789.5111315171921
5 wks891113151719.52224
6 wks91112.51517.520222427
7 wks101214.51719.52224.52730
8 wks1113161921.524272933
9 wks121517.5202326293235
10 wks131619222528313438
11 wks141721242731343742
12 wks151922263033374145
13 wks162024283236404449
14 wks172226303439434752
15 wks192328323741465156
16 wks202530343944495459
17 wks212631364146515762
18 wks222833374348546065
19 wks232934394450566267
20 wks243035414652586470
21 wks253136424854606672
22 wks253237434956626874
23 wks263338445057647076
24 wks263339455158657178
25 wks273440465259667279
26 wks273440475360677380
18 mth2 lb2.5 lb3 lb3.5 lb4 lb4.5 lb5 lb5.5 lb6 lb



The Chihuahua Weight Chart is presented as a guide to estimate a mature weight within a quarter of a pound or so. Weight estimates before the age of 8 weeks old are difficult to predict and are usually inaccurate because the puppy may still be nursing or in the weaning stage and may be heavier due to fat content from the mother's rich milk.

While this chart has proven through the years to be a good guide please be aware that many things can affect the mature weight of a puppy. Factors that can affect the mature weight include the breeder's own bloodline, genetics, diet, activity level and the individual health of the puppy.

.A Chihuahua that is allowed to overeat or snack on fatty foods (such as tablescraps or other fatty human foods) may become obese and will therefore weigh more than a Chihuahua that is fed a diet appropriate for small dogs. Any dog that is fed an appropriate diet but lacks proper exercise may weigh more than expected.

The Chihuahua Weight Chart was extracted from a book titled "The Complete Chihuahua Encyclopedia" by Hilary Harmar, which was published in 1972 by the Arco Publishing Company, Inc., New York, NY.




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